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Even like this, we are simply in the moment. The moment is not us.

It should not be this hard to speak back and explain myself. The temperature has somehow risen a little, because why would my armpits be damp and tickley. Why does the need to justify myself feel so strong when the right response is obvious? And in any case, it would only serve to make her more aggressive. In the young minutes of this confrontation I could have sworn I had a good argument for anything she would say. I had good, justified reasons for any miscalculation she’d throw my way. But she has gone and got personal. She has touched a nerve. I feel that I should not be so easy, that one should dig up the foundations of the Great Wall of China before they find my hackles, but here we are.  Continue reading “BOUND”


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Appeal to your inner troll that it should try and be more impartial in your judgements. You cannot suck at everything. It’s not realistic. There must be slipups. You go about in one state of mind probably not all that regularly. You change, your thoughts change. Your movements change too. There is no one day where you do the exact same things you did yesterday. No one day is ever the same as the one that came before it, or the one that follows it. Don’t listen to your brain. The little things will make all the difference to someone who is looking for the slightest chance to make a break for it. Continue reading “SHEATHING”


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Hey, at least you’re doing something. Can you recall how many times you started shit but did not have the faith to finish? Yeah….it was not very brave of you. Come to think of it you were very reluctant to start period. your head, from the beginning, you were doomed.

But let’s not be too hard.

After all, these paths are new, and you are deciding to leave the old and well-trodden ones.

So how about a hand for you, you lazy ignoramus. Have a brownie.

If humanity had a mindset like yours we’d just now be getting out of the Iron Age.